10 Best Foods for a Diabetic Breakfast

Enjoying Breakfast the Healthy Way

Diabetics don’t have to deal with food limitation because of their disease. There are hundreds of diabetic breakfast ideas that you can consider without sacrificing the taste. The following are the best food breakfast for diabetics that they can enjoy on a daily basis. You don’t have to wonder what can a diabetic eat during breakfast because these are amazing food ideas in the morning.

  1. Smoothies – a mixture of low fat milk with your favorite fruit mixed on a blender is considered a perfect breakfast because it’s tasty yet low-fat content.
  2. Cereal – not all cereals are low in carbs but there are some cereals specifically made for diabetics. Uncle Sam Cereal is one of the most popular options in USA today. Just a note: most cereals with low carb content could be a bit bland so it’s recommended to mix it up a bit with fruits.
  3. Turkey Sausage – people usually think of “fat” when they talk about sausages. But Turkey sausage is an exception because it’s contains protein and nothing else.
  4. Pancakes – specifically choose the whole grain variety to limit sugar. There are also syrups and sweeteners that are specifically made for diabetics.
  5. Eggs – one of the most popular breakfast options even for non-diabetics, eggs are very high in protein but very low in carbohydrates.
  6. Oat meals – another popular breakfast option because it’s very easy to prepare and would not require additional ingredients in order to be tasty. Choose the slow-cook version to get the full taste and experience of a tasty oat meal.
  7. Bagels – like the pancakes, choose the whole grain variety to limit carb intake. These are perfect breakfast ideas because you don’t have to prepare too much just to enjoy a great breakfast meal.
  8. Toast – whole wheat toast is a great breakfast idea because you can easily add fruits and vegetables to create a full and tasty breakfast experience.
  9. Burritos – it might sound like a carb-full of meal but choosing the right type of tortilla (whole wheat) with additional ingredients that are also non-fat could be a sugar-free breakfast.
  10. Fruits – berries, apple, oranges and peaches are well known fruits that can help control diabetes. Enjoy them as breakfast shake or eat them raw.
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